Money and writing part two: resources

I’ve decided to stop writing this blog now. While I hope it was been useful I don’t really have much more to say!

So my parting gift is this list, collated as best as I can, of people / places / organisations who offer freebies or reduced rates for writers based on a twitter call out. Please share widely and please add any more you know of, or any updates in the comments. The tweet asking for info had dozens of replies so I’m bound to have missed something!

I’ve done my best using a ton of recommendations and research but if you spot any errors, please email me at with correct information and I’ll do my best to correct.

Also for any organisations reading this, life would be SO much easier if you all just had a ‘financial support’ or ‘free’ option on your drop down menus with a link to all the relevant information – having to search is another barrier that we don’t need! I’ve rootled around some of your websites for ages and have still come up stumped.

Thank you for engaging with me through this blog, you can still find me on twitter @jonzeywriter or at my website

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a productive New Year!

Online courses:

The Open University, Start Writing Fiction FREE, various courses FREE

Writers HQ, various courses FREE

Cat Rambo, various courses, 3 FREE scholarships per live class


Futurelearn, various courses FREE

The Poetry School offer various options for financial aid for online AND physical events and they tweeted to let me know they will be running a new series of free poetry workshops. Follow them @poetryschool for updates




Physical courses / workshops / events 

Comma Press, subsidised places available (£100 instead of £180 for single parents / those on means tested benefits), email for information


Write Like a Grrrl, subsidised places available, email for information


Ty Newydd, various courses and retreats, bursaries available


Moniack Mhor, various courses and retreats, bursaries available


The Mechanics’ Institute Review, various writing workshops FREE


Nine Arches Press tweeted to let me know that they have individual writing workshop opportunities where free bursary places are offered to writers on low incomes. Follow them @NineArchesPress

The Writing School in Winchester offer 25% discount to under 18s and those in receipt of benefits as well as FREE taster sessions

Brian W Lavery tweeted to let me know about these creative writing sessions in Hull, hopefully there will be more! Follow him @brianlavery59


Claire Louise Tustin tweeted to let me know about these playwriting courses in the NE, hopefully there will be more! Follow her @ClaireTustin

Galley Beggar Press tweeted to let me know that they run a critical writing / reading class in London and offer one free place to a low earner. Website or follow them @GalleyBeggars

I was told that Alphabetti theatre do a £15 for 5 week’s playwriting course, though I can’t find information to confirm this. Website

or follow them @alphabetti

I was told that Live Theatre in Newcastle upon Tyne have run free playwriting courses but again I can’t find information about this on their website. They do however offer annual bursaries





Swanwick writers offer assisted places, up to 75% of the full course fee

Arvon offer grants of any amount up to the full course fee (but as far as I can tell you have to book onto a course first)


University courses:

Lots of people tweeted about the scholarships available at Birkbeck, notably the Kit de Waal scholarship


The Word Factory Apprentice Scheme offers the chance for mentoring and financial support, it is competitive and there is a £10 entry free (which can be waived for certain circumstances) but the prize is priceless


Tim Clare Poet runs a free couch to 80k writing boot camp


Jo Bell tweeted to let me know that there are subsidised places available on courses she runs with Tania Hershman, follow them at @Jo_Bell and @taniahershman for updates


New Writing South offer bursaries for financial support (up to 70% of full cost for activities)


I’ve been told that Apples and Snakes run free workshops, website or follow them @ApplesAndSnakes


I’ve been told that Spread The Word Events run free workshops, website or follow them @STWevents


I’ve been told that The Loft in Minnesota offer scholarships (up to 95%) but I can’t tell if these apply to physical or online courses


The Faber Academy have a scholarship available (I think it’s two places on their novel writing course) Deadline just gone for 2018 but next year!


Curtis Brown Creative have a scholarship currently open


The City Literary Academy have information about financial support options:


That’s all I have – please do add further opportunities in the comments













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